Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Arts and Crafts Conference

"Nearly one hundred years ago, on July 12, 1913, guests began streaming into the Grove Park Inn, a new 150-room resort hotel built, as Frank Lloyd Wright said, "of the mountain, not on the mountain." Inside they were astonished to see what 400 men had built in just twelve months and twelve days. The world-famous Great Hall featured not one, but two massive fireplaces built not of rocks, but of granite boulders hauled in from Sunset Mountain. Four rock pillars supported the poured concrete ceiling, matte glazed tiles lined the stairwells and oak trim glistened under a fresh coat of shellac.

And it was all Arts and Crafts."

Arts and Crafts Conferance at the Grove Park Inn 2011

For 23 years, starting in 1988, Arts and Crafts enthusiasts return to the Grove Park Inn to experience the beauty and simplicity of Gustav Stickley's furniture and the decorative arts that adorn it. Visitors experience a three day educational conference and three shows: the Arts & Crafts Antiques Show, the Contemporary Craftsfirms Show, and the Books and Magazines Show.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Presidents Day

Presidents Day celebrated on the third Monday of February, this year February 21, honors the presidents of the United States.

Originally, the holiday celebrated George Washington birth date February 22, but the idea was expanded to include Abraham Lincoln, who was born February 12. Today the holiday generally honors all presidents.For those who are counting, this year marks the 279th birthday of Washington and Lincoln' 202nd birthday.

Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents.

Everyone loves a birthday, even if you are more than 200 years old.Speaking of birthdays,

Gustav Stickley built his first piece of Arts and Crafts furniture in the summer of 1900. That makes this year Stickley Furniture's 111th birthday.

Traditions Home and Stickley  Furniture are celebrating Presidents Day with a sale. One piece, any piece of Stickley Furniture at 45% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price, but only on February 19, 20, and 21st. If you want more, then take advantage of the Stickley Winter Sales Event going on now through February 27th, where you can purchase multiple pieces at 40% off.

Come celebrate with us and enjoy these great savings.