Friday, June 22, 2018

Uncle Sam Vintage Wood Sign

uncle sam vintage wood sign, red horse signs

One can't wave the American Flag too much. Celebrate the Fourth of July year round with Terri Palmer's patriotic salute to Uncle Sam and America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

Traditions Home celebrates the holiday year round at Robyns Lake House, a getaway for all our woes and cares. Vintage sign by Red Horse Signs.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Stickley Difference

The Stickley Difference 

At Stickley, skilled artisans create timeless works of art from nature with loving hands, careful attention to detail and an eye for everlasting beauty.

The process is a long.

It reflects Stickley’s adherence to the ancient Flemish maxim, Als ik kan, to the best of my ability, and the more ancient Roman proverb, Ars longa, vita brevis, the art is long, life so short, which is often interpreted to mean that the artist's skill is long to learn and his life too short.

The art of building beautiful furniture stretches from beginning to end. Wood is carefully selected, cut, and kiln-dried. Time-honored techniques are used by artisans. These techniques include pinned mortise and tenon, dove-tails, lap planking, tongue and groove, and plank matching, techniques long lost to most manufacturers. Finally, each piece is finished in one of Stickley’s hand-rubbed rich stains.

Stickley selects natural wild cherry from the Adirondacks, wood that ages beautifully and takes on a rich patina. Many of Stickley’s Mission pieces are made of native white oak, quarter-sawn to generate ray flakes and bind more solidly the wood’s fibers, creating a sturdier and more beautiful piece of furniture. Stickley Mahogany Classics are made of mahogany from Honduras, cut so that the environment is protected and nourished.

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The Difference

Unique Stickley design, painstaking craft and attention to detail and construction, a unparalleled history, this is what makes the Stickley difference.