Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The 45th KC Symphony Showhouse

45th Symphony Designers' Showhouse

The 45th Symphony Designers' Showhouse is an impressive Jacobean house at 1246 W. 59th Street in the Country Club District. It opens April 26th and runs through May 18th. Buy your tickets at the door and have a great time.

Need prompting?

This three story home was designed by the architectural firm of Hoit, Price and Barnes and built in 1921 . It is built of native limestone and features four friendly griffins who guard the twin porches. The front yard has been beautifully re-landscaped for spring. The backyard has a wishing well.

The interior has several beautiful chandeliers to light the way. There are mullioned windows throughout the house. The newly remodeled kitchen is stunning. Throughout the house discover rooms decorated by some of Kansas City's finest designers. 

Visit the dining room, designed by Traditions Furniture using Stickley Traditional, of course.

The Designers Showhouse is sponsored by the Kansas City Symphony Alliance, a non-profit organization, supporting the Kansas City Symphony, Michael Stern, musical director. 

Click here for a calendar of events for the 2014 Kansas City Symphony. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Birds

Turtle Doves

Spring Birds

The birds of Spring do sing to anyone who’ll hear,
“In Spring, Life begins anew”

Sparrows jump
now here now there
and chirp, “So sweet love seems, this bright April morn”

Turtle doves in pairs
know how to show their love
and softly coo, “To you my love and no one else I sing my song.”
Robins look for worms
but when they’re fed,
warble, “winter’s fled, grass is green, skies are blue ‘tis time to build a nest,"

"Let life begin anew”

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


 "The arabesque was born from the idea of a leafy stem, but just as branches turn into unreal waves and spirals, so do leaves [bi]furcate and split into forms that do not occur in nature."

Ernest K├╝hnel, born: 1882, curator of Islamic Art, Kaiser Friedrich Museum in Berlin.

Arabesque, a movement in ballet in which the body is supported on one leg, and the other leg is extended horizontally backward.

Casa Fina Arabesque stone ware, an elegant, neo-classical scroll design and hand applied patina in colors white and maize.

Arabesque by Casa Fina

Arabesque, Casa Fina, white