Overland Park

Traditions Furniture, Downtown Overland Park is located in the historic Strang Carbarn at 79th and Santa Fe, just 2 blocks west of 79th and Metcalf. The building is the heart and center of the historic Downtown Overland Park area.

History of Downtown Overland Park

The city of Overland Park traces its roots back to 1905, with the arrival of its founder, William B. Strang Jr., who's vision was to create a suburban park for Kansas City residents, one that incorporated modern city services and the amenities of country life. To this end he constructed one of the first air parks in Kansas, built South Lake where families could stroll or picnic, and then laid tracks for a trolley car line that would transport the citizens of Kansas City to the country. The track is no longer there, but the Strang Carbarn which housed the several trolleys still stands today. The trolley line operated from 1906 until just after the Second World War, falling victim to the modern automobile.

Today, the Strand Carbarn is home to Traditions Furniture. Traditions is your exclusive source for Stickley Furniture in kansas. Founded by Gustav Stickley in 1900, Stickley Furniture is the perfect complement for the Strang Carbarn. Each represents a vision of a better America through innovation and design.