Friday, October 9, 2015

Meditation and Relaxation - the Stressless way

With all the different schools of thought and techniques on meditation, getting started can be overwhelming. Here’s how we start. 

Find a place of peace and tranquility. It doesn’t have to be real or near. 

French Cloister, Versailles Garden, Paradise Island Atlantis

Choose a place in your mind. Perhaps your choice is the French Cloister in the Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It is a short walk down the sandy beach away from madding crowds at Atlantis Resort. 

Now relax in the luxurious comfort of a Stressless recliner. 

Jazz Stressless recliner in the French Cloisters

Recline your back and stretch your arms, let the patented Glide System adjust to your body’s movement. Place your hands on the armrests. Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and feel your chest expand. Now breathe out through your mouth and feel your stomach extend. Repeat several times. 

Experience the comfort of the chair while you listen to the sounds of the natural world. Relaxation and Meditation Relaxation and Meditation The wind blows gentle through the dappled leaves of the trees. In the background are the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves. 

As you contemplate the stillness of your soul, observe the colors of the universe. The sky is a brilliant blue against which the crisp white and subtle greys of the clouds pass by, occasionally shading the yellow sun. The green in the grass, the soft reds and blues of the flowers. Now smell the salt in the air rising from the murmuring waves on the sandy beach. Even the verdant grass in your secret garden has its smell – rich and verdant, the smell of the earth after a morning shower. The flowers possess their own peculiar scent, a perfume that wafts on the air and enters your nose. 

Continue to gently breathe in. Even the tiny flutter of an insect’s wings can be heard as it approaches the flower. 

Be at peace in a Stressless recliner.

Jazz Stressless recliner