Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home at Last

For more than a century, Stickley Furniture has followed a simple approach to its design and construction. That approach is to build furniture to last, furniture that stands the test of time. Because of this philosophy, Stickley is one of the few American manufacturers of furniture whose pieces still sell for tens of thousands of dollars year after year at auction houses. Today's Stickley may not be ready for auction, but it is ready for your home.

A Night at Stickley with Sarah Lanigan

***Don't forget to RSVP for the first ever visit by Sarah Lanigan, curator of the Stickley Museum in New York at Traditions in Overland Park the evening of April 12th, and in Wichita the afternoon of April 13th.

Visit the Stickley Museum.

While known for its Mission style, Stickley is also one of the leading American manufacturers of traditional furniture. The traditional collection features 18th century styling fit for a colonial mansion. Stylish, not pretentious, formal, but enjoyable, that is the Stickley Traditional collection.

If traditional styling is not your cup of tea, then consider the Stickley's casual modern upholstery styles. Light, open, and airy, Stickley casual upholstery fits today's simpler life style.

Cover your upholstery in either fabric or leather. Select from the many Stickley styles. Choose a color that best fits your life style and enjoy.

Stickley has something for every room of the house. Consider the family room where, at the end of the day, family and friends gather to talk or watch TV.

Finally, when the day is done, one is ready to repose, to sleep, perhaps to dream of your next Stickley selection. One is home at last.

Visit your Stickley dealer in Kansas in either Overland Park or Wichita.