Saturday, June 6, 2015

Losing a neighbor and good cook, Tanya Tandoc

“It takes a good heart to make a good cup of soup.” 

Tanya Tandoc

Wichita lost Tanya Tandoc,  unique personality who loved to dance, play the cello, entertain her radio audience, and most of all, loved to cook. She described herself as “the owner and headmistress at Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, 1725 East Douglas, in lovely Wichita, Kansas. My job is to lead our team and create a fun environment to eat great food. I’m also a multimedia artist and a Fat Chance Bellydance Certified Instructor, teaching classes all over the area.” 

Tanya grew up in Newton, but after college moved to San Francisco Bay Area where she worked in radio, returning to Wichita in the mid-90s after getting bitten by the food bug. 

It was the birth of Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, always fresh, seasonably flavored, and original. Tanya's Soup Kitchen was right down the street from us. Tanya's Soup Kitchen was a part of the Douglas Design District, and a great place for a good cup of soup and a sandwich.

Tanya Tandoc will be missed.

[Original image from Tanya's Facebook]