Stickley Furniture

Stickley Furniture, founded in 1900 by Gustav Stickley, is the premier furniture company in America specializing in Mission and Arts and Crafts style furniture. Gustav Stickley was joined at various times in the furniture business by his brothers Leopold, Charles, and Albert. Today, the company is going stronger than ever with its headquarters in Manlius, New York.

Each year Stickley produces a Collector's Edition Piece that symbolizes the style and quality of Stickley Furniture. This year it is the 2012 Collector's Edition Cabinet, special because it is made with and intricate Mother of Pearl inlay, and pear, maple, magnolia, and makore wood.

The next time you walk along the beach, or even along the inland streams and rivers, pick up a clam shell or mollusk and look at the iridescent inner shell. That pearly inner shell is called mother of pearl. Pear wood is one of the hardest of woods and allows for the finest of detailing for its reddish-brown color.Maple is selected for its wavy grain and soft color. Magnolia is a favorite of turners for its color and finish. Makore is a south African wood resembling cherry, but prized for its black mottle.