Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How is the New Year looking?

The New Year looks pretty good from the Voyager recliner by Stressless.

Stressless recliner at Arches National Park

Visit Arches National Park in eastern Utah and discover a landscape of vibrant colors, unique landforms and textures, unlike any other spot in the world.
(Image from National Park Service at the US government digital archives.)

Traditions' traveling reporter thought this image of Arches' Balanced Rock a suitable way to look at the new year. How is your new year shaping up? Here we are, two weeks into 2014; and it has been a week of "polar vortex" combined with snow, ice, and sleet, then days of balmy bliss. Well, it teaches us that the weather is anything but predictable.

Stressless Voyager recliner
Voyager in Cerise color

What is predictable is the comfort one experiences in the Stressless Voyager recliner. With its innovative Scandinavian design, the Voyager brings a new dimension to Stressless design.  The comfort is unrivaled, the leather cushioning - sumptuous and luxurious as you relax, while embracing and supporting your entire body.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Defining Modern at Stickley

Often, designers use the terms modern and contemporary interchangeably. 

We can agree that contemporary decorating is current with today, things modern right now. Contemporary is thought of as warm and welcoming without clutter, casual and inviting. Modern styling is similar - simple, unadulterated, and even minimalist to the point of being considered stark. Every object has its place and purpose. But Modern design technically refers to a time period, the 1920′s – 1950′s. 

Colors schemes in both modern and contemporary design are neutral - black and white with a splash of color to make a statement. Floors are normally hardwood, a carpet may soften the look.

We've chosen three collections by Stickley Furniture to show how modern and contemporary styling can be at home in three different settings.

Stickley Prairie Settle and Bow Arm Morris Recliner

In the mountains or at the farm, the Stickley Prairie Settle and Bow Arm Morris recliner in cherry is at home. A classic design since 1912, when L.& J.G. Stickley unveiled the paneled “Prairie” design. Available in both quarter-sawn oak and cherry (shown here). The focus is on the beauty of the wood.

Stickley 21st Century
Stickley's interpretation of the 21st century with this cherry setting. The Stickley 21st Century collection defines the timelessness of arts and crafts design and the essence of Modern style.

Stickley Bay Road sofa
Stickley goes to the lake with the Bay Road sofa and occasional pieces from the Coronado collection.Pretty doesn't have to be cluttered. The lake is the perfect place to relax and Stickley is the perfect setting wherever you are.