Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Timeless thoughts

I caught an episode of Timeless last night.

I had just returned from Dallas, and before that from Belgium and France, and just prior to my future plans to leave for Colorado and after that to Las Vegas. The television series about a stolen time machine seems appropriate for one, like me, who travels a lot. Sorting out the story line was, again, for me, difficult. Three protagonists all have their own agenda. A villain has a lot going on and his life story is seemingly contradictory. In the midst of the drama, the web of history is spun out, retelling tales that are true and semi-true. Reality conflates with perception.

Rewriting history is the goal, but for what reason?

It is autumn, when the good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow. It is a Bob Marley quote that has nothing to do with autumn. Still, it is a wonderful observation about time and change. What is good today is sad tomorrow. Spring and summer have come and gone. A walk by the lake with the dogs is a passing memory, one that I can almost reach out and touch, but not quite.