Friday, March 18, 2016

What does the color red mean to you?

Color in design is subjective. What evokes reaction in one may evoke a different reaction in someone else. 

Red objects

Take red for example. Some who see red associate the color with anger, and that is perhaps why we think the toreador uses a red cape to catch the bull’s eye, except that bulls are color blind. Others associate red with passion and that is why red roses are a testimony to true love. Again, what woman doesn’t have her favorite shade of red lipstick when trying to stir things up. 

Make a statement

Kings and queens think of ruby red for the one of four “precious” gemstones, including diamond, emerald and sapphire. The gemstone is considered a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. A fireman sees red as fiery and hot. A politico sees red as Republican and blue as Democrat and purple as something in between. A birdwatcher associates red with the beautiful cardinal. A cook sees red as a bit of spicy Italian spaghetti. A surgeon sees red as blood, the force that gives us life. 

Red has made its way into our vocabulary in a variety of ways – red alert, red faced, red hot, red blooded, and even red tape. And who doesn’t circle a calendar date in red and celebrate the occasion as a red letter day? All of which tells us that red can mean so many things to different people. 

Whatever your take on red, enjoy it.