Monday, August 16, 2010

Feature: Paul Roberts furniture

Traditions offers Paul Roberts furniture.  A fabulous line filled with affordability, quality, style and craftsmanship. Below are a few of the styles that Paul Roberts can create for you.

Meet Sidney, Sidney is a smart sophisticated chair. Sidney has a classic personality and fresh lines. Sidney looks good in any outfit weather it be cowboy leather or sleek blue satin. Sidney wants to come home and live with you!

I would like to introduce you to Cody. Cody is in love with old Hollywood and is dressed to impress at all times. Cody is looking for a sophisticated home and lots of complements. Bring Cody home with you!

Ladies and gentlemen can I please have your attention? Please offer up your most polite curtsies and bows as I introduce Court! Court is a true royal and expects the royal treatment! Court enjoys the opera and great feasts in his honer, and you can bring Court home with you today!

Say hello to Darcy! Darcy enjoys eclairs and fine french fromage. Darcy looks great all dolled up in lace and satin or with a tan and in leather. Bring Darcy home with you and let Darcy accent your life!

This is Dale. Don't let the name fool you, Dale has many leather bound books and his pillows smell of rich mahogany. You should take him home. He's kind of a big deal.

Watch out gentleman I'm about to introduce Deirdre! Deirdre may seem a little uptight at first but she is really quite a wild cat! Her curvaceous lines makes her irresistible and her smart sense of wardrobe give her the power to get what she wants! Deirdre would make a great addition to your home don't you think?

(read this in a Transylvania accent) HELLO my darlings I am Ivonne. Some people have called me a vamp but I only wish to make you comfortable. Please, come and sit with me. I promise I will not bite you. I just think of how irresistible your room will look with me sitting in it. Muah haha!

This is Savannah! Savannah was born in a far away land filled with kings and queens and princesses. She enjoys long interesting conversations and tea at noon. Savannah wants to help fill your home with love and entertainment! Bring her home with you today!

Introducing Oakley! Oakley travels the world and visits only the most sophisticated of cities. France, New York, Japan and Sidney are among some places traveled by Oakley. If you bring Oakley into your home you will have a little bit of the world right in your living room!

Last but not least there is Drew. Drew is so excited to meet you! Drew is ready to take care of you and keep you cozy. Drew is reaching out with open arms!

All of these pieces can be ordered through Traditions. Contact us if you would like any of what you have seen.
These are not all things that Traditions has on the showroom floor.

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