Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tent Sale Through This Saturday, June 10th

Seeming far far far away, all the noise in my ear gets louder as if quite near; now sitting, thinking thoughts that mingle with dreams, of hills far away and their cool, cool, cool streams.

Sometimes, one needs to clear out the cob webs. And by cob webs, I mean the clutter that crowds in and confuses the mind with thoughts that really don't matter. So, it is nice to get a fresh start and wake up to something new and exciting.

Traditions Home is finishing its Tent Sale this week. We are clearing out the cob webs. No not old and dusty, but items that are slightly damaged, or items that have been around a little too long. And our wish to bring in the new is your advantage as we are selling all Yellow Tag items at great discounts.

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