Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Sorry, the two of us are in a bit of a rush. We are here in Atlanta shopping for the best and newest in home furnishings. All we have time to do now is to give you a taste of what is to come. 

 The Legend of Blue Willow Pattern

Once there was a wealthy Mandarin, Tso Ling, with a beautiful daughter, Koong-se. She fell in love with her father's humble clerk, Chang. The father was angry and dismissed the young man, building a high fence around his house to keep the lovers apart.

The Mandarin then planned for his daughter to marry a local Lord. Bearing jewels as a wedding gift, the Lord arrived by boat to claim his bride. On the day the blossom fell from the willow tree, the wedding was to take place. On the eve of the wedding, Chang the clerk, disguised as a servant, slipped unnoticed into the palace. The two lovers escaped with the jewels, running over a bridge, chased by the father, whip in hand.

The lovers fled on the Lord's ship to a secluded island, where they lived happily for years. But one day, the Lord learned their secret. He sent soldiers, who captured the lovers and put them to death.

The Gods then transformed the lovers into a pair of dove.



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