Thursday, August 2, 2012

College Hill House of H.W. Darling

H.W. Darling House, 3755 E. Douglas

We loved Barry Owens' article in the College Hill Commoner, July 2012, on the Lumberman's Big Brick House, A Look at the Life, Times and College Hill House of H.W. Darling.  The College Hill Commoner is the neighborhood paper for College Hill, one of Wichita's oldest and most historic neighborhoods.

The two and one half story Colonial home, 3755 E. Douglas, was built in 1907 for lumberman Howard Wetmore Darling. Darling was a self-made man, engaging in numerous occupations, including the furniture business, something near and dear to us, before finally making his money bringing lumber to the broad treeless plains around Wichita and the Arkansas River Valley.

The home has been re-purposed by Victory in the Valley, a non-profit cancer support organization whose mission is,

 “To encourage cancer patients and families on their journey by offering HOPE through emotional and spiritual support, while providing practical services to improve the quality of their lives.”

Thanks Barry for a great article.

College Hill Homes on the National Register of Historic Homes.

Want to learn more about Howard Wetmore Darling?

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