Monday, February 24, 2014

Jean Chaput battles the Red Baron

"Mobile" as a term applied to kinetic sculpture was suggested in 1931 by French artist, Marcel Duchamp to describe the mechanized creations of Alexander Calder. Mobile art suggests something to be enjoyed with the eye. 

Art can be enjoyed as a toy as well. 

Jean Chaput battles the Red Baron

Here Jean Chaput, French WWI ace, battles the Red Baron. Une touche du doigt, a touch of the finger sets these aviators to rocking back and forth in the skies above France. 


The Red Baron is Manfred von Richthofen, Germany’s best known war ace. 

Jean Chaput was a Parisian. With the beginning of World War I, he took to the skies flying a Nieuport. He was wounded and hospitalized on multiple occasions. By April of 1918, he had sixteen kills, including one over German Ace Lt. Erich Thomas. By now he was flying a SPAD. He was shot down and killed May 6th, 1918. Chaput was 24 years old.

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