Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Don't Make Me Over

Here is the story of how Dionne Warwick came to be a star. 

It was 1962. Hoping to make her debut as a recording artist, Dionne Warwick performed the song Make It Easy on Yourself for the song writing team Burt Bacharach and Hal David. 

They chose the "Ice Man" Jerry Butler for his cool demeanor over the fresh and untested voice of Dionne Warwick. When she heard the decision she shouted back at them, “Don’t make me over man, accept me for what I am.” 

Stunned by her passionate outburst, Bacharach and David looked at each other and realized they had a new song and a new star. 

Don't make me over
Now that you know how I adore you...
Just love me with all my fault
The way that I love you..
Accept me for what I am
Accept me for the things that I do.

When the song was released as a single in October of 1962, the record misspelled Dionne's last name Warrick as "Warwick" and so, with a little make-over, a star was born.

curvy and sublimely sexy

Good design is a little bit like Dionne Warwick’s voice, sublime but mesmerizing.

a touch of red

A touch of red, a bit of brilliance that shines like a star. A soft comfortable setting where you can be who you want to be. Accepted for who you are.

soft and comfortable

Don’t you love the way you are? 

warm and inviting

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