Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a few interior design tips!

Do premote conversation.
Conversation areas should be within 8 to 10 feet any farther away than that will discourage conversation and make people feel uncomfortable.

Do define your space.
Add area rugs to furniture groupings to make it feel complete and cozy. This will help define the space and make the arrangement feel solid like it belongs there.

Don't skimp on side tables.
Always make sure there is a place to put a drink down by every place there is to sit. Adding side table and coffee tables to seating arrangements also gives a space to create lighting situations.

Do encorporate line.
Use lines to give a room the feeling that you want it to have. Verticle lines like tall window treatments that go all the way to the ceiling emphasize space and help give the room sophistication and power. Put something on top of a tall shelf like a basket or art to create more drama with lines that pull your eye up.

Don't line your wall with furniture.
Don't push your furniture up against the walls of your room. Try to arrange the room with the furniture away from the walls and closer together to create a cozier more conversation based arrangement.

Do save your money for the things that count.
Don't spend big bucks on the trendy pieces for your home.  Instead, add less expensive trendy accents to jazz up your design, like throw pillows, vases and art. You will want to spend your real money on big pieces that will last a long time and still be in style.

Don't clutter your room.
Keeping lots of trinkets around because someone gave them to you or they were inherited will just clutter up your space. You don't have to keep everything. Things do not have value like memories. Take picture and get rid of those kinds of things. Only keep the things that complement your home. If you have lots of things you just can't part with, pack some of them away and rotate your accent pieces in your home.

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