Friday, August 6, 2010

New items at Traditions Furniture:

These are moss balls, and they are super great for summer and spring. They give your home an element of earthiness and freshness. They are whimsical, fun and a great accent to any decor. You can put them in a bowl on the table or add them to a shelf display of books.

Traditions just got these new LED lit flowers in! They are shaped like silver dollars and put off a beautiful glow! They look great mixed in with real live flowers, dried flowers and silk flowers. They also look amazing by themselves.

These little boxwood pots are so cool! They are real live box wood! All you have to do to take care of them is use a spray bottle to spray them with water once a week and they will stay bright green! They smell wonderful and they look cute anywhere!

These are wax candles that wont burn your house down! They are battery powered but they look like real burning and flickering candles. They give off the same ambiance. These candles come with a decorative metal holder that you can hang from the ceiling, put on a table or on your front porch. They are great for outside because the wind can't blow them out. The most unique thing about these candles is that they have timers on them. When you set the switch to "timer", the candle stays lit for 5 hours before it turns itself off and it continues this every day without you having to touch it. When the battery burns out, just replace it. Great idea!
These small clocks are super cute and decorative. They come with little stands so you can put them on your shelf or table.
These are adorable little faux boxwood balls. They look adorable by themselves or piled in a basket.

This is a frog fan! He is so cute for a whimsical room decor. He puts off a nice amount of air flow. Who wants a boring old fan to sit in the corner when you could have a fan shaped like a frog!?

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