Monday, July 26, 2010

Juliana Daniel Antiques

Traditions is blessed to be next door to Juliana Daniels Antiques. This eclectic collection of the past's treasures is run by Julie and Danny Greenburg, hence the name Juliana Daniels.

Juliana's is the best places in Wichita to discover fine but affordable antique furniture and vintage accessories. "Owners Juliana and Daniel Greenberg love antiques, but they also have an eye for the unique and whimsical." Juliana has an eye for design. There is the blue room, with its turn of the century furniture, the white room with vintage clothing, and upstairs, the man room where one finds all sorts of sporting memorabilia. Somewhere there is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

This is not their real store. Rather, it is an imaginary scene, as if the store was in Colmar, France. It is not a far stretch of the imagination. Entering Juliana Daniels is a trip through time and space, where one finds a little piece of France or a hundred other exotic locations.

Visit Juliana Daniel online and let your imagination take flight.

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