Monday, July 19, 2010

What is your style? A mini-style guide:

Traditional style

If you love traditional style, you are the kind of person that enjoys elegance and old world luxury. Vintage pieces like guilded mirrors and furniture with scrolling catch your eye. Warm soothing deep colors tend to be your go to's. Sophisticated floral patterns, toile and tapestry get you excited. 

Eclectic style

If you call your style eclectic, you have a love and respect for many different styles. You love to mix them together to create a space that feels comfortable and artsy. Antiques of all types modern and traditional are what you love. You also have an appreciation for modern furniture as well. You are probably a collector and know how to blend different items and make it look great.

Contemporary style

 Minimal, sleek and clean is your mantra. Strong bold geometric patterns attract you. You like clean and simple lines, bold colors and materials such as stainless steel, slate and glass.


Country french lovers have a Passion for rustic but fresh at the same time. Old paint finishes but bright floral patterns mixed together. If you are a country lover you will probably be into farm animals such a roosters and pigs.

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