Friday, July 23, 2010

The roosters are back in style!

Remember in the early 90's when roosters were all the country rage? Well, their back! This time they are not just country. They can be used in many different design schemes. It's likely that what brought the rooster back was a surge in country French design and the country French style creeping into eclectic design. The French have always loved roosters as well as Americans, but while Americans see roosters as farm animals, the French look at them a little different. To the French, roosters are a sign of hope and faith as well as power, kind of like the eagle in the United States. This new rooster that has become popular is not just a farm animal. He is our prestigious, cheese and wine loving fine feathered friend. So, next time you see a rooster, don't curse the early 90's, just buy him, take him home and put him near your wine cabinet. Below are a few photographs of some new roosters.

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