Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The New Modern

At Traditions Furniture we like to say that what is both new and classic becomes a "tradition".

Traditions don't need to be old. Think of a wedding as a new tradition, a new way of looking at life and starting anew. Your style reflects your tastes.

The "new modern" look is both clean and classic. The style reflects a more contemporary feeling. The table is round and set for company. The chairs are comfortable. The furnishings are classic.

Glassware has been manufactured for over two thousand years. Its translucence gives the illusion of space and airiness. Ironware has been manufactured far longer. It suggests strength and longevity.

The geometric shapes of the room provide balance and symmetry. It is a "feng shui" thing bringing harmony to your home. Whether your taste is modern or traditional, our designers can help make your home a new classic.

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